About Us

Based in the beautiful city of York, Cavere Group Ltd is the holding company for Cavere Ltd (trading in a number of brands and trading styles) and coverbaloo Ltd. Cavere Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and provides business to business products and services to the general insurance industry. coverbaloo is a retail brand selling general insurance directly to consumers

Our Values & Beliefs

Advanced Technology

Throughout all group businesses Cavere utilises an exclusive proprietary point of sale system (Magenta) that facilitates general insurance applications and end to end administration throughout the customer journey. Central to our business is the use of technology.


We lead through innovation, championing creative ideas and solutions that enable our partners to differentiate their proposition in the marketplace. All our systems are designed and developed in house by our team of insurance specialists.

Our history & Background

The Cavere Group was formed in November 2008 by a team of industry experts. All of the principals have traded in either the mortgage intermediary, affinity or insurer marketplace for a number of years and have extensive experience of customer service and policy administration delivery.
The combined experience of the three directors in the financial services industry is over 70 years. Two of the Directors had previously held FSA Approved Person status at other firms. The remaining Director had extensive experience as an Operations Manager, delivering customer and Intermediary service.

Cavere highlighted an opportunity that continues to exist in the marketplace today. This being to assist customers and advisers in better choosing their insurance requirements around house and home ownership, by having the ability to choose all requirements from one source if required. No other administrator or product provider offers the flexibility of one system and one administration process across a wide range of products. Cavere believed that there was space in the marketplace for just such an execution capability and that it would be welcomed by customers and Intermediaries alike.

Cavere also believed that their activities would be of interest to insurers and product providers who were currently carrying additional costs within product provision because of the need to maintain legacy systems and processes. Potentially, utilising the Cavere execution capability would allow insurers to strip cost from their model to the benefit of shareholders and customers.

What the directors did not know initially was that the type of capability they intended to develop would also support the rapid growth in InsurTech opportunities.

Many now believe that insurance is on the brink of a major disruption. Incumbent insurers who are currently focused on catching up with their competitors around customer centricity and other trends are creating a vacuum for new fintech firms to fill. Cavere believe that because of our ability to change and adapt quickly we are well placed to support new and existing firms to be at the forefront of this new and exciting insurance era.

It took over a year to build the required IT infrastructure and systems. Cavere Ltd became authorised and regulated by the then Financial Services Authority, in September 2010, signed our first binding authority with an insurer the same month and started trading in January 2011.

The business has grown steadily since. Our registered agents have now introduced over 75,000 policies to us.

The business today is well established, has a multi million turnover, is financially stable and well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the rapidly changing insurance market.